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Although the internet provides a wealth of information for pet owners it can also be overwhelming and hard to judge what sites provide reliable and accurate information. Our list is not exhaustive by any means but is merely a sample of websites that we feel provide good information or services that you may want/be interested in.


CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) – – The CVMA is the national association which promotes public awareness of the contribution of veterinarians to society and is committed to the well being of animals and excellence within veterinary medicine. This site provides a lot of great documents on a variety of animal health issues and topics.

OVMA (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association) – – The OVMA is the provincial association which assists veterinarians in all areas of the field (industry, academia, private practice, government etc) which provides information in the areas of veterinary economics, continuing education and professional development, and public and government relations. The pet owner portion of the website provides valuable links to current health and safety issues for pets, and guides to help owners with general pet ownership and health information.

WORMS AND GERMS BLOG – – A great site promoting safe pet ownership with a wealth of information on zoonotic diseases and parasites (those that can be shared between humans and pets), and other public safety issues concerning animals and pet ownership. It is coordinated by two veterinarians of the Ontario Veterinary College’s Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses.

ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – – The pet care area of this site can be an extremely valuable resource for pet owners on topics such as pet poisons, and general dog and cat care topics.


The Pet Hospice Journal – – this resource is an excellent way to keep track of how your pet is doing when trying to decide when the right time may be to say goodbye or your pet has a chronic illness. It includes a quality of life scale and diary, which can help pet owners and their veterinarians determine what type of medical management may be required to keep your pet as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Lap of Love – the education and quality of life sections of this site provide excellent resources on chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and several others, and quality of life scales.


Gateway Pet Memorial Services – – A great resource about options for aftercare, pet loss support resources and what happens to your pet when they are cremated by Gateway Pet Memorial Services

Rock Your World provides pet memorial stones

You can also contact us at to post a memorial to our own webpage

A good way to remember your pet can be to have professional photos taken with them and your family before they pass. There are numerous photographers in the area who are exceptional at what they do and can be found through searching in general. Sherry Lemcke photography is a local pet photographer who can be found at


Ontario Veterinary College Pet Loss Support Hotline :

Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund – a good general resource for grieving and where to find support after losing a beloved pet and a great charity which funds cancer research in companion animals


Pet to the Vet Ambulance Service –  – Pet to the Vet Ambulance Service is operated as a 24 hour emergency transportation service.


Owning a pet can be very expensive! If your pet becomes injured or ill veterinary costs can quickly add up. It can become very cost prohibitive to owners if their pet becomes ill and they require hospitalization or surgery to treat the problem. For this reason pet insurance can be very beneficial to owners as it helps eliminate some of the financial aspects of veterinary care. There are many different companies to choose from and many different insurance plans to fit every type of need. The following list is not exhaustive but is to give you a start on what types of insurance may be available. Asking friends with pets who have insurance will be a great way to guide your decisions as well. **Please note we do not have any particular affiliations with these companies – they are merely a guide to some of the companies available to you**

CAA Pet Insurance –

OSPCA Pet Insurance –

PC Financial Pet Insurance –

Petsecure –

Trupanion –

Pets + Us –