In Memory of a Great Cat K.C.2

In Memory of a Great Cat K.C.2's Memorial

Born:  March 8, 2003-Died: November 6, 2018

KC2 had a GRAND life!  Cats supposedly have 9 lives.  If so, he lived that and more.   He was one of the luckiest of 5 male kittens on the day he was adopted into our loving home.

We were looking for a cat to fill the void left by our first KC.  He had to grow up to be a loving cat, gentle and travel well.   He did all that and more!

His pet parents loved him so much and he loved them back. His human “dad,” who he attached himself to at the tender age of 7 weeks, enjoyed special head bonking ritualsand kitty kisses!

KC earned some nicknames over the years:  “Big Ears” was one of our favourites (he could hear the opening of a potato chip bag anywhere).  Sometimes he was “Lord Muck” and other times “Bratsky” (usually when he became aloof or failed to respond to the “here kitty kitty” call).  He was “Mr. Moo” when he begged for a bit of leftover milk from our cereal bowls.

Over his life, KC2 had lots of special people who loved him and helped look after him.  Our neighbour, Chis, spent the most time with him and without her (and sometimes her friend, Lorie) and Grieg it would have been very difficult to take any time away from our “moggy.”  To them, we owe a special thank you.  Many others touched his life and we know that he touched theirs: Our sons, daughter-in-laws, grandsons, parents, sisters/brother (in-laws), friends, neighbours and colleagues.

His Aunt Lori did a beautiful portrait of him.  We will always cherish it (pictured in this memorial).

To say that our kitty was spoiled is an understatement.  He travelled with us often, wherever he was welcome:  The Griffin’s in N.C, his “Grandma Sherry’s” sunroom in Florida (even her neighbour Kate looked after him).  He especially enjoyed walking over to Phyllis’ place and nosing around her condo – a typical curious cat!

What KC2 Taught Us:

  1. Drink lots of water – it’s good to hydrate, especially with your own special glass and don’t forget an ice cube or two!!
  2. Don’t be afraid to make requests: “you don’t ask, you don’t get.”  No one knew this better than KC2 – he had us at his “beck and call/meow.”
  3. Give love unconditionally. Purring is soothing for the soul (we should all learn to do it).
  4. Be forgiving: Don’t stay mad if you were left out or are being ignored.  Just go over and give a nudge and a trill that says: “I still Love you.”  Works like a charm in bringing a smile.
  5. Be adventurous: of course it’s a lot easier when you’re curious and have 9 lives!
  6. Always set aside some play time. Life is too short not to have some fun.
  7. Take time to listen to the birds and watch the butterflies – even if you are dreaming of eating the former and chasing the latter.


KC:    We shall never forget you or all of the love, lessons and memories you have given us over your lifetime.  You will always be with us in our hearts.


With LOVE from your “pet parents”




Our special thanks to:

  • The staff at Main Street Vet Services for the care and attention given to KC in the last 14 months of his life.
  • Wilson Mobile Vet Services who gave KC a very peaceful passing, with an incredible amount of compassion for him and us.